One of the many joys of participating in a blogring & fellowship such as RevGalBlogPals is the opportunity to hear other voices, to pause amid all the “usual” voices in our daily lives and read someone else’s voice, to give our hearts a break by finding a little salve on a ringmember’s blog. Find a much-needed break for your spirit among these posts by our Gals & Pals:

+ For much-needed laughter, try dotting your digital messages & social media with chickens (like kwp of Any Day A Beautiful Change, I didn’t know such things could be done)!

+ For a much-needed getaway, imagine yourself road-tripping with The Crimson Rambler: savoring hot springs & fair trade coffee and keeping your eyes open for a bear!

+ For a little holy in your everyday, pause to examine the fabrics you’re wearing, the material of your kitchen towels, the coziness of your favorite sweatpants, and consider God as Fabric Artist with Liberation Theology Lutheran.

+ For a nudge toward gratitude, read Nik’s appreciation for Sheryl’s guidance along her faith journey. (Have you written your #rallyrevgals piece yet, to add to the cloud of women witnesses?)

+ For the ongoing heartbreaks of the world and the reminder to let your heart break into action, Erica considers the little ways we can look out for each other.

+ For much-needed courage to have difficult conversations, Jan observes that “the pot longs to be stirred.”

+ And for much-needed cuteness to comfort our aching hearts, google “cute pet pictures” and read chaplaineliza’s description of the cat currently in her care.

How’s your heart, Gals and Pals? What blogposts are you reading or writing that can be shared to offer a break to others’ hearts?

Healed Heart

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