It’s that season here in the northern hemisphere – cooler, crisper days, changes in the colors of the light and the trees (and, further north in Niagara-on-the-Lake over Labor Day Week-end, we did see the beginnings of autumn-hued leaves), and . . . school! For many of us, these weeks feel more like New Year’s than any other time on the calendar.

Some of us are starting new learning adventures of our own – beginning or continuing seminary, a CPE residency, a teaching stint. Others of us have children starting school or college. Some are embarking upon first or new calls. And most of us (sadly, not all) are caught up in the excitement of a new Sunday School and adult education year.

After finding only a few posts about new beginnings and concluding that people were busier doing than writing, I sent out a call on Facebook. It turns out that we’re writing, too!

Erin, who used to write a blog entitled Did She Say Seminary?, has moved on to become a somewhatreverend. Here she goes, musing about some of her “First Impressions”.

On her Excellent Adventure, Sister Sarah links to a monastic experience year-long adventure for young adults hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace. Perhaps you know someone for whom this is exactly the year he or she has been awaiting. Perhaps yourself?

Gillian is on her Island, writing about the beginning of her second year of seminary, in which she discovers that she has become deeply engaged in worshipping community.

In a reflection preached at the close of her opening retreat at seminary several years ago, CindiK wondered, “How Deep is Your Love?”

Other newness: Lindsay has been researching, wondering, and writing about Bible Women: Ever Upward: a new blog and a new book!

In Seeking Authentic Voice, Terri muses about who we are, “Creatures of . . . love?” ~ as she prepares to begin her training in spiritual direction.

Diane of Faith in Community writes about new efforts in worship, past and now, wistfully, presently “New Under the Sun” plans in which she is not directly involved ~ the wistfulness being one of the challenges of equipping others for ministry.

And Mary Beth has all kinds of answers to the question, “So what’s new?” In Terrapin Station.

What about you? Please do comment about and link to any of your own new year’s adventures!

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