IMG_0780The northern hemisphere has officially turned toward autumn, and so for this Wednesday Festival we welcome the seasons — a wide variety of seasons, life seasons and faith seasons and church program seasons and nature’s seasons.

Hot Cup Lutheran gets us started with a delicious description of wine-colored leaves turned to a blazing red, of the homey house-filling smell of a pork roast in the oven, and fall’s abundant harvest season alongside the abundance of energy that is required in our ministries.

Any Day a Beautiful Change shares six practical tips for welcoming a new season of small group ministry for moms in your church, starting with Tip #1 – “Offer excellent childcare.” Check her post for more suggestions and encouragements.

+ At Dreaming Beneath the Spires, Anita offers a very pastoral reflection on Christians behaving badly and the grace with which we might remember that everyone experiences spiritual seasons and the honesty with which we should examine our own spiritual seasons.

The Pen of the Wayfarer reminds us that sometimes a season is a moment, a picture that catches our breath with its beauty, an encounter that impacts us for a lifetime.

Michelle Torigian observes the seasons of the church in parallel with a woman’s season of perimenopause — a time of ups & downs & changes, a season of very different life with new understandings of fertility but by no means a season of death or giving up.

+ And Liberation Theology Lutheran invites our reflections: “As we move from one seasons to the next, it’s a good time to take stock. What was accomplished? What is left to be done next season? What tasks should fall away?”

How are you marking the change of seasons, Gals & Pals? Share a thought or a blogpost in the comments!

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