Around our blogging network, many powerful reflections and thoughtful writings are regularly shared. For this week’s edition of the Wednesday Festival, I offer snippets of provocative questions from the blogging ring and encourage you to comment on one another’s blogs for further conversation:


Here in the middle of stewardship season — that time of fundraising and/or financial pledging in many churches — a question about the place of money in church vision processes: Should budget people be kept out of church visioning processes? (achurchforstarvingartists)


Does one owe flowers to the lawyer who, unknowingly, helps that one avoid the ire of a local judge? (a funny story from Skewed View)


On a more serious note, what are the big questions that keep you up at night? (Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par)


How do you keep your focus on Jesus? (Just Wondering)


Whether for reasons of professional ethics or choked by tears, whether for fear or for lack of words, what is it you cannot say aloud? (An Unfinished Symphony)


What gets you singing Jesus songs? ((im)possible things with god)


Have a question — serious or lighthearted — that you’ve been considering in your own blog? Share a link in the comments!

We hope you'll join the conversation!

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