“Candy Box” by Denise Chan, released on Flickr under the Creative Common License found via Wylio

Beggars Night.

Harvest Party.


Trunk or Treat.

All Hallows Eve.

Call it what you want, there’s plenty of holiday love for sweet treats on October 31st. (Consider this your one week warm-up.)

Ain’t gonna lie… Even though there are no Trick-or-Treaters in our home, I still eye the candy aisle with undisguised lust.


What shall it be? Can I resist? Maybe you have a craving for a little something from time to time… join me for this week’s Friday Five!

1. First, Sweet or Salty? Or both? Describe that gotta-have-it treat. (It can be healthy or paleo-friendly, or decadent. We won’t judge!)

2. Self-control: How do you help yourself stay strong with the temptation of All That Sugar?

3. Have you successfully cut (or decreased) sugar out of your diet? How did you do it?

4. What’s one sweet you won’t do without. Ever.

5. Just for fun: if you were a candy bar, which one would you be?

BONUS: Share a recipe or tip that uses up the leftover sweets at your house.

As always, we love it when you play on your blog and post the link in the comments (just copy and paste!) Or you can offer your Five in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sweet or Salty?

      1. I don’t think it’s wordpress, I think the link is bad – clicking on it says the page can’t be found. I went to her blog but couldn’t find this week’s Friday Five, so unless she comes back and reposts a new link…..


  1. 1. sweet and salty: those salted gummy candies –fish, bears, and the like. My husband and I would walk down to the candy store called Mt. Tom’s and buy a bag…and then we would enjoy them as we were traveling on a Sunday drive…to NH, or places in MA…or just in our backyard neighborhood.
    2. I don’t keep ANY candy in the house…and only the occasional cookie. If we want it, we need to intentionally buy it (in the moment).
    3. I use sugar substitute…but I am not sure if that is a good thing either.
    4. I really like picking out one of those fancy chocolates at a chocolatier’s shop….truffles…and I love picking among the various sorts. It makes me feel rich. But just one (or maybe two) and SAVORED.
    A special treat.
    5. Milky Way candy bars. Years ago, when my folks would visit my grandparents in Randallstown, MD (near Baltimore), I would “sneak” into the pantry and fill my pockets with milky ways and then retreat into an upstairs “library” (bedroom with shelves) and pull down the National Geographic religion books that my grandfather had and look at pics and read snippets while munching on the candy…to pass the time and I was never ever bored.


    1. Smart to just not keep the tempting sweet things in the house! 🙂 And yeah, those fancy truffles?? ohhhhhh….. Thanks for playing!! (See you Monday?)


  2. 1. Salty and sweat. Almost always in combination two, one following the other.
    2. I like to have small bites of little chocolate delights or even dark chocolate morsels to which I go for a little handful.
    3. No. Don’t eat much other than chocolate.
    4. Sea salted chocolate carmels are to die for
    5. Baby Ruth because it has all the right stuff, including the nuts. :).


  3. 1.Cheese. All the cheese.

    2. To be honest, it doesn’t really tempt me. Our local supermarket has “healthy checkouts” with dried fruit and seeds – and I find those MASSIVELY more tempting than any amount of sweets.

    3. I do try and think whether a given treat is worth the calories…..

    4. Dark chocolate. Ideally 70% or more cocoa solids.

    5.A rich, creamy dark chocolate truffle bar.

    As we don’t do Halloween here – I certainly wouldn’t dream of giving anything to children I didn’t know, we spend all the rest of the year telling them and telling them that they must “ever, never” (as my grandson says) accept sweets from people they don’t know, and I’m not about to undermine that – it doesn’t arise. My grandchildren live too far away for an evening call.


  4. 1. soft and chewy jujubes from the Bulk Barn and Ms. Vickies vinegar and sea salt potato chips (the mini bags of course).
    2. we don’t keep sweets including cookies in the house, we have NO willpower when they are around.
    3. am not a big sugar eater so it’s not much of a problem
    4. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate … there is never too much.
    5. Mars Bar
    Bonus: leftover sweets? what are they? LOL


  5. question re photo … I can’t figure out how to put a photo in the box where the ‘quilt looking’ icon is beside my name. my computer will not let me copy and paste anything in there. suggestions please?


  6. Day late, but here you go:
    1. Salty. although I find salty/sweet combo quite decadent.
    2. Salty savory snacks kill my self control. Sweet I can go without, easily. But I still like it. 😉
    3. Doesn’t get to come in the house! I avoid things sweetened with corn syrup, and I use agave nectar to sweeten my tea.
    4. Well, I think Trader Joes sea salt dusted dark chocolate almonds are pretty wonderful.
    5. Snickers! Because they are So Satisfying! heh heh!


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