It has finally gotten cold in Texas – it’s 47 degrees out and rainy. If you are familiar with Texans, you might know that Native Texans freeze at 50 degrees. So on this election night, I am sitting at my dad’s house, listening to the space heater as it whirs. We don’t dare speak of politics tonight. No one has even reached for the TV controls. He and I vote completely opposite on most issues, and I will be on the losing side tonight in Texas.

Being at my dad’s one night a week has been a true blessing of my new call. I love sitting in the house my great-grandfather built, in the true black darkness of being out in the country. It helps me ponder family and community when I am back among people who have known me most or all of my life.

That sense of community is what caught my attention in the blog posts from this week. On Election day, it is tempting to define ourselves over and apart from each other. However, I love the definition of myself in relation to the gathered loved ones. Here are some Blog Posts that really illustrate “community” for me:

Feel free to post a link to your blog in the comments. Where have you found more in common with those around you lately? How have y’all rejected the political narrative of winners and losers this voting day?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival – Intentionally Non-Political

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