A wreath ready for Advent

There has been plenty of activity around the ring this week as NaBloPoMo continues and others share sermons and keep up regular writing.  It is also the week when many clergy are working hard on Advent plans.  There is lively discussion about Advent resources over in the RevGals Facebook group and you can read on for some generously shared Advent resources.

Rachel Hackenberg offers suggestions for Advent preaching series, whether you are using the Narrative or Revised Common Lectionary.  (Last Monday she posted several different Advent Candle liturgies, which are also worth checking out).

Jeff is posting a series of Advent candle prayers.  The fourth Sunday one is found here and you can click previous post to find the other Sundays.

If a Chrismon Tree is part of your tradition, On The Chancel Steps offers a comprehensive resource for using the tree through Advent.

Mindi invites us to a photo-a-day Advent practice.  You can find the resource she prepared here.

Sarah tackles the thorny question of whether to sing carols during Advent.

April Fiet wrestles with whether Christmas needs saving.

If you don’t already keep an eye on Carolyn Brown’s excellent ‘Worshipping with Children‘ site, head on over as she already has material up for all the Sundays in Advent and Christmas worship too.

If you have posted Advent and Christmas planning resources to your blog please add links in the comments.

You might also like to read about the Top Ten Women in the Bible who spoke the most (you can give yourself a quick quiz before heading over and see home many names you get right).

You can pop over to visit with St. Inuksuk and celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of her ordination.

While rejoicing, we also might like to stop in with the Church of England RevGals celebrating the legislation having passed that makes provision for the ordination of women as bishops.  You can read the “facts” here.

As we rejoice, so also we mourn.  Our condolences to jo(e), whose sister died last week.  She has written a beautiful tribute to her.

And if you value the resources that RevGals provide: the company of friends, the wise words, the praying and the sharing of liturgy and other worship materials please consider whether you might have resources to share to help sustain the life of the community.  We are especially looking for people to make financial contributions and you can read more about how those are used and how you can contribute at this post from the RevGalBlogPals Board. 

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