You might not have met Martha Spong in person. In groups our size, it’s quite likely you’ve not met her. If you have read her writings, her poetry, her sermons, you know she has a gift with words and you have met her family through her stories. But you may not know her knack for using HTML in order to make her blog look better and then become the resource person for the original RevGalBlogPals webring without having an IT background. Regardless of the platform on which the blog was hosted, she diligently worked to help other bloggers figure out how to get the formatting right. If Martha couldn’t do it, she would track down someone else who hosted her blog on the same platform and ask that blogger “How did you get this to work on your blog?” and connect the two bloggers to each other. If that didn’t work, she would post the question on the main blog. I watched from many states away amazed at how Songbird made that happen. I didn’t even know her “real name” because those were the days of anonymous blogging.

When I finally met Martha “in real life” (that’s how we used to refer to it because blogging wasn’t real life?) and as I have grown to know her over the years, I have discovered that is one of Martha’s many gifts but it is a gift that is often behind the scenes. Martha is particularly good at getting to know people and connecting people, all the while being very unassuming about it all.

As one of the volunteer moderators for the Facebook group, I have come to appreciate more and more, Martha’s gifts for phrasing words. Our Facebook group is not like others because we moderate it. There is a spirit established from the original webring and our non-profit corporation that we carried into the Facebook group. Our Director Martha leads the way in ensuring that the ethos makes us stand apart from other Facebook groups. You may be able to tell the group is different but not know why. It’s another behind the scenes task of the Director of RevGalBlogPals to protect the esprit de corp.

Ministry can be an isolating vocation. One of the deepest blessings of RevGalBlogPals is knowing you have been heard without the need to go into paragraphs of explanations because the crowd has walked in shoes like yours. It is a place of belonging like no other. We are very protective of our spaces because we know how precious it is. We are intentional because we want to be spaces of value.

As a Board, we highly value our Director and want that position to be paid. Our real goal is for that position to be a half-time position that pays $30,000 with $6,000 operating expenses. However, short of that, we want RevGalBlogPals not to be just a time drain for Martha our Director. She invests time and energy in ministry with RevGalBlogPals for which many of us have expressed deep appreciation. One way we can give her support is by contributing financially. With 2292 Facebook members, 3720 followers of the RevGalBlogPal blog, and 354 members of the Blog roll even with overlap among those folks, we believe $1000 in monthly givers is possible (maybe we can even do more). Since last week, we currently have 22 new monthly givers! Which brings the monthly giving total to: $946! We have also received 11 new annual gifts including 1 anonymous gift totaling $970! We are grateful for all those who did not hesitate to respond to our call to give! To all of you who give to RevGalBlogPals and support our Director, THANK YOU!

Our campaign will run until December 21st and as a non-profit organization your financial contribution is tax-deductible. There is a PayPal button on the right sidebar that will allow you to make a one-time donation or a recurring donation. You may also send a check to RevGalBlogPals, 2101 W Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201-3722. Some of our donors send checks monthly through their banks.

When you give, you help Martha and RevGalBlogPals keep doing ministry in a way that helps sustain others in ministry, too! As we are in ministry together, we are connected in many ways. Thank you for being a part of RevGalBlogPals with us.

Sarah Howe Miller – President, RevGalBlogPals, Inc.

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