If you are reading this post, you are probably a seasoned participant in RevGalBlogPals.  You probably already know much of what makes RevGalBlogPals fun, special and a wealth of resources and community life for women clergy and our allies. Some of those are:

Behind the scenes, making this all happen, are:

  • A Board of Directors setting policy and future directions
  • Dozens of RevGals and pals who write, edit and facilitate the blog features
  • Dozens of moderators for the RevGalBlogPals Facebook group
  • Planning teams for continuing education events and special projects

Take a look at all that is listed above. What a BIG JOB it is for *someone* to oversee all of those RevGalBlogPal features, to coordinate all of those venues, and to shepherd all of us who are writing, moderating, and trying to help in ways that are truly helpful.

Imagine finding someone who wanted to do all of that.

Imagine finding someone who was capable of doing all of that.

We don’t have to go looking.

We do have a director who loves this work.
We do have a director who is  extremely gifted for just this calling.

Near the beginning of RevGalBlogPals, God offered the very gifted Martha Spong to the sprouting seeds of this ministry, and vice versa.

Martha is a visionary leader, effective organizer, amazing writer with a huge pastor’s heart.  While serving as a transition specialist in a local congregation, she also pastors all of us pastors all over the world.  Thanks be to God!

Bottom line: We need to pay our Executive Director. Regularly. Fairly.

In this international faith community without walls, most of our value comes from the people. And most of our money gifts will go to compensate someone to lead this amazing work of all of us wonderful RevGals and pals.

There are a multitude of reasons to give to RevGalBlogPals, among them:

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