Yes, Advent is a time to await the Christ child with holy expectation, to pray for and live out the justice of God’s already/not yet kin-dom, to contemplate the Divine mystery of the incarnation.

It is also, for many, a time to shop.

I offer here, for my RevGal friends, a list you can pass along to those who might be shopping for you this holiday season.

Gifts for the Woman Pastor in your Life

theologian cardsTheologian Trading Cards
Your pastor can discover what team her favorite theologian is on: Orthodoxy Dodgers; St. James Padres, Wittenberg Whistle-blowers.  . . . Or maybe she’d like to create her own teams: Minnesota Misogynists, Los Not-So-Much-Angels, Wish-I-Could-Have Mets . . .

Liturgical Nail Polishduck book
You can make this gift basket yourself. (In fact, you’ll have to make this yourself because–for reasons I cannot imagine–a search for “liturgical nail polish gift basket” on Amazon only pulls up this craft book.) Just put bottles of white, green, purple, and red polish in a cheery container. For that super-liturgical gal, throw in blue and black polish as well.

A Sermon for Every Sunday subscription
I know that not everyone is crazy about the idea of video sermons. And there is much we could debate about the given selection of “best” preachers. Still, this service has its uses. For example, it could be fun to lip sync to these preachers. Imagine your pastor standing up in the pulpit one Sunday and Will Willimon’s voice coming out of her mouth! (Best. April. Fools. Ever.) Or, after a particularly discouraging day, your pastor could just put Grace Imathiu on a continuous loop . . .

A Textweek Sponsorship
Because textweek is awesome and Jenee Woodard is amazing.
There are many worthy texts to sponsor. Might I suggest Leviticus 13: “When a person has on the skin of his body a swelling or an eruption or a spot, and it turns into a leprous disease on the skin of his body, he shall be brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests.” –That’s a passage only a pastor could love.

If looking at “Pastor Appreciation Gifts” on Pinterest, keep a few things in mind:

  • Food items are good, but lose the punny tags. (i.e. “Your commit MINT to our church is appreciated.” Just give her the dang peppermint patties.)
  • Avoid crosses with your pastor’s name on them. That’s either presumptuous or creepy. Or both.
  • Beware the “Best Pastor’s Wife” apron. Not all women pastors have wives. And not all pastors’ wives like to cook.

Cafe Press has some winning options:

keep_calm_and_preach_on_pajamas“Keep Calm and Preach On” pajama set. This gift is especially meaningful with a note saying that your pastor can wear the pjs WHILE preaching–when she’s just had one of those weeks.

Girls can’t what?” or “Half Theologian, Half Zombie Slayer” coffee mugs. girls can't what

Satan is a Big Fat Boogerhead” pint glasses (You can find this on T-shirts as well, but there is something extra special about Satan on a beer glass.)

The poor–or poor in spirit–might consider Homemade Coupons:

  • “Get out of preaching free.”
  • “Get out of Bible study free.”
  • “I’ll bring your potluck dish for you.”
  • “I’ll laugh at your sermon jokes–even the lame ones.”

Jesus of Nazareth’s Mix n’ Match Magnetic Wardrobe: What Would Jesus Wear?”
Your pastor can clothe the Son of God in a tie-dye shirt or jogging outfit; she can have him carry the lost sheep or a transistor radio. Because dressing up magnetic Jesus is soooo much more fun than writing that sermon . . . Or perhaps dress-up Jesus can help entertain the kids while mom or grandma write the sermon, considering this helpful comment on the web site: “The grandkids love dressing him, hard for anyone to walk by the fridge with out changing his clothes.”

revgalsAnd last but not least, how about a RevGalBlogPals T-shirt, or a “Does this Pulpit Make my Butt Look Big?” mousepad? Head over to the RevGal’s swag page! Or, for the pastor who has everything, just make a donation to the RevGals ministry.

A blessed Advent and joyous Christmas season to you all!

Joanna Harader

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