Happy Friday Five, all you gals and pals winding your way through Advent!

Time to take a break, put your tinsel toes on, and play a round of Friday Five for a breath or two.

1. What song are you grooving to these days?

2. If YOU were a room in your home, what would it be, and why?

3.  What ever happened to LipSmackers?  Does anyone remember that lip balm from the 70’s?  Do you have a recommendation for a really awesome lip balm?

4.  Tell us about a tiny  (or HUGE) grace moment from this week.

5.  If you could just have any treat/snack in the world right now, what it would be and with whom would you share it? (assuming you are in a sharing kind of mood.

Enjoy, and please let us know you played in the comments and post a link to your blog; or play in the comments or even on Facebook!

Cheers and rock those tinsel toes!

15 thoughts on “Random Friday Five~Tinsel Toe Edition

  1. 1. Song: The earworm is “The Littlest Angel” from The Maquire Sisters….sure wish I hadn’t thrown that out when we sold the parental House…can anyone find me a mp3 of that someplace? And “Happy” is my groove song

    2. Right now, because of the “exterminator who stole Christmas” I don’t want to be ANY room..we are packing it all up. But, in normal time, my kitchen

    3. Smith’s Rose Mint salve or Berts Bees lemon cuticle cream. Yea, it’s cuticle cream, but I use it for lots more…beeswax and lemon..heck, I’d use it as furniture polish if it wouldn’t be so cost prohibitive 😉

    4. Grace Moment: I look over at my wife….that’s MY grace note

    5. The cheapo “Bark Bar” from RiteAid…or the old fashioned Spangler’s Peppermint-Cherry Christmas barber pole stick


    1. Happy is an awesome groove song. Sorry about the exterminator…yuck. I will have to check out Burt’s Bees lemon cream……thanks for playing!


  2. 1. Depends on the day, the hour, even the minute. Right now I’m sort of stuck on Jack White’s cover of “I’m Shakin’.”

    2. If my dagbone kitchen would ever get done, that would of course be my favorite room. (Remodel that started with tearing everything out down to bare studs, and starting again from scratch.)

    3. I think you can still get LipSmackers, if you know where to look. I may have seen some at Kmart a few days ago. My preference is Burt’s Bees original beeswax & peppermint oil lip balm.

    4. One of my youth group kids has taken to calling me his “third mom” to anybody who will listen. He has a mom and a stepmom already. Originally he called me his second mom, but his stepmom is a friend of mine and I didn’t want her to be slighted.

    5. Hm. Well, I like Irish cream pretty well; but I don’t believe I’ll share it. Normally I’d be making some for my neighbor, but he is in the nursing home recuperating from a fall, so I may not make it until he’s able to come home, which is a ways away yet.


      1. You can get it under the brand name of Bailey’s. I have a recipe from my uncle Bob so I make my own. Irish whiskey, condensed milk, cream, chocolate syrup, and eggs, thrown in the blender together. You can use Egg Beaters, but with as much whiskey as it takes (I make a double batch and use an entire fifth of whiskey), there really isn’t any need to worry about germs from the eggs.


  3. Playing late, as it was a full weekend, and I am exhausted, trying to re-charge, and today is my Sabbath day.

    1. Song: Actually an album: “The Truth Is” by Melissa Ferrick. And the song by the same name.
    2. I would be an attic: hard to get to, but well worth the upward climb. Filled with lovely remembrances, new discoveries, and the magical sense of a wonder of a child or an adult who has lost their pretensions and prejudices. A place where the sense of time is lost in the present but rediscovered by handling the past with new eyes and softened heart.
    3. I have some lip balm that I purchased at a craft fair last year. A special, inexpensive luxury. When did we stop thinking of lip balm as a luxury?
    4. Going to the Senate Hart building…asking a bunch of questions…telling my story…being listened to…and feeling like my story was one of millions…being aware of privilege and walking the line betw. what is and what was, and maybe what could be?
    5. I would share a cup of tea with friends whom I love…and maybe a chocolate covered caramel (fancy chocolate).


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