Let everything that has breath praise God!
Let everything that has breath praise God!

Around the world, whether you mark the arrival of Christmas Day with bells and organ peals, guitar and lit candles, or an exhausted sigh of relief, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

In churches large and small, the faithful service of pastors may seem like the unnoticed detail at this time of the year, but here at RevGalBlogPals, your ministry is never taken for granted. This Christmas Day may be barely a pause in the rounds of pastoral care, preaching preparation, advocacy for those in need and protests against injustice, but it is my prayer that for each of us there will be a moment that feels like Christmas – a celebration of God with us, a wonder beyond our comprehension.

Blessings on your ministry, wherever and however you serve.


Martha Spong, Director of RevGalBlogPals

3 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from RevGalBlogPals

  1. thanks so much for this Martha. I’m in between services and feeling pretty beat. Abit down, my family already gone to be with the rest of our cousins for the big Italian seven fish courses Christmas Eve dinner. I will drive down tomorrow but will not have participated, will miss many cousins.

    Ate by myself in a restaurant that was closing early and staff grumpy about working.

    I’ll feel better back in worship but feeling down in between. The joy of proclaiming is wonderful on Christmas, but this part is hard.

    Your message touched my heart and connected me. Merry Christmas and thank you!


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