knitting sheep

I’m not really a “resolution” kind of gal. You? There are things I appreciate, however, about the idea of taking a fresh look at life when a new year dawns. I hear that it’s the Year of the Sheep for those who follow the Chinese calendar, and since I love sheep, that makes me smile. That got me thinking about what other kind of year it might be.  For instance, I’ve got more than a handful of unfinished products lying about: knitting, cross-stitch, scrapbooking… With an eye toward freeing up some space where these projects are stashed I’ve decided that it would be a win-win to make this the year of the finished project. Get my drift?

What sort of year would you like this to be for you? New vacation destination? Recipes to try? Item to check off the bucket list? Let’s have ’em. Five of them!

Be sure to link to your blog response in the comments below, or share your responses in the comments.

And if you’d like to go a little deeper reflecting on possibilities for what lies ahead, Parker Palmer has a few questions to consider at “On Being.”

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2015, Year of the …

  1. 2015 is not going to be a good year. My aunt and uncle are dying. My parents are leaving their home of nearly 60 years for a more modern one with neighbours, and although my mother is being optimistic and making plans, she doesn’t want to move any more than my father does. I am not looking forward to it. Only ray of light is that we might, just might, retire at the end of the year, but more likely in 2016.


    1. That’s a lot of loss to anticipate and process, Annabel. My heart feels the weight of it with you, and for you. I pray that in the midst of the transitions you describe there are splashes of light that surprise and embrace you. I will hold you in that light in my prayers. Peace to you.


      1. Thank you. I’m sure 2015 will have lots of good things and lots of laughs in it, but right now, I wish we could skip it and move right on to 2016! Which is a bit rude to God, I suppose….


  2. Each year a pick a word to focus on for my own spiritual practice. This year it is joy. After an incredibly long wait, I begin as the settled pastor in a new place. There will be grief and sadness as my mother is on hospice and my father is terminally ill, however, I firmly believe that under and through it all will be joy. Menopause has come and gone and my skin fits better now which sounds odd but that’s the way it feels. I’m just in a good place doing what I’ve felt called to since I was 9 years old. God is good and I will cling to the deepest joy when the world seems to be full of anything but.


  3. 1. To try to break out of my shell more through exploring what interests me…in and around this new environs in which I live.
    2. To find out whether or not I am going to need surgery on my back. To actually make the darn appointment and deal with the decision.
    3. To write everyday…or create in other ways.
    4. To spend one-on-one time with each of the boys (my children) once a week on excursions once the weather gets warmer…and this becomes more manageable.
    5. To build a healthy, vibrant, constructive, and creative support system and give generously/reciprocally to it (in ways that are actually possible/realistic for me)

    extra: to manage my time better so that I am not paying a sitter for Sat. sermon writing time…but spending a half day with the children… (wishful thinking?)


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