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Here in Chicagoland, we just finished our 5th-most-snow-ever storm. In the midst of a blizzard, it’s always fun to have new things to read and new friends to connect with on the interwebz! So, whether you’re snowed in or not, pop ’round and say hello to these great new members of the webring!

Ministry and Motherhood is “a community blog that offers a safe, supportive space for ministry moms to reflect, ponder and wonder about God’s dual call to motherhood and ministry.”

Charlotte’s Musings is a place for Charlotte, a minister in Texas, to “ponder the intersection of all our stories – especially recently, the intersection of faith, culture and politics.”

Sarah M is a Presbyterian pastor blogging at Gather the Folks. Tell the Stories. She says “Of course I harbor a secret desire for this page to become a highly relevant, wise, slightly snarky, warmly intimate, deeply theological blog that appeals to everyone. But, let’s be serious. What I hope this page can be is a place to nest my sermons now that I am a ‘free lance’ Presbyterian pastor, along with any other wonderings or wanderings that cross my path.”

Ashley is a UCC pastor in Washington DC, blogging at God of the Sparrow. “God of the Sparrow is a blog focused on my adventures with liturgy, yoga, urban farming, and being inspired by the Planet and its radical, creative earthly creatures. For me, liturgy with risks, yoga, urban farming, and inspiring colleagues are Earth-honoring ways, keeping me grounded in the communal ways of Jesus, pushing me to deepen my own creativity and edge in my life and in my work at Church of the Pilgrims. This is where I find the Jesus movement of radical living.”


Let’s give a warm RGBP welcome to these great new members! And if you know a blogger who meets the member criteria over there —> in the sidebar, please invite them to email us and be part of this great community!

2 thoughts on “a blizzard of new members!

  1. Thanks, y’all!!!! I had no idea that this had happened until a lovely revgalblogpal posted a comment on my own blog, welcoming me.

    Without you even knowing it, you all have been supporting me and my ministry for YEARS. YEARS!


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