birthday sheepIn my family, February holds the most birthdays across the generations: my father, my grandmother, my brother and my son were all born this month. Throw in the presidents (and other friends) for good measure and there’s lots of celebrating going on! That got me thinking about birthday customs and traditions, and I’d love to hear about yours. For today’s FF share with us:

1) Are you a cake or pie person? What type do you savor on your big day?

2) Growing up, did you have a favorite “birthday meal?” How about now?

3) What birthday traditions or rituals from younger days have followed you into adulthood?

4) What’s the most memorable gift or celebration you ever received for your birthday?

5) How do you like to celebrate others on their day?

If you play the Friday Five on your blog, please share the link in the comments so we can read your responses and show some nonbirthday love! Unless, of course, it IS your birthday today, in which case we want to make a fuss.

15 thoughts on “Friday Five: they say it’s your birthday!

  1. 1. Cake or pie person? Pie, but for birthdays, I am happy with cupcakes.

    2. Favorite birthday meal growing up: egg drop soup and fortune cookies (Asian food wasn’t readily available..we would have to travel to the closest “city” or make the soup from a mix. Now, I am just happy if I get to celebrate in some small way… When my husband was alive, he took me to a fabulous Indian restaurant knowing that I like Indian cuisine. This was a magical evening. And it was a sacrifice too, because he didn’t like curry dishes and wasn’t particularly enamored of Indian cuisine, but he really did enjoy the evening meal at the restaurant and we laughed a lot that night.

    3. Birthday traditions: My mom usually always sends a card or note. And she will sometimes leave a note for me somewhere in the home where I live. When we were growing up, she’d write “Happy Birthday” in chalk on our front steps so that we would see it coming home from school.

    4. My twins were born within 6 days of my 45th birthday. They were my “last chance” at IVF. They were born one year after the loss of my son. The fact that they were born healthy and after a extremely high risk pregnancy was gift beyond all other. Their birth represented another birth for me.

    5. We tried to remember my son’s birthday by taking cupcakes to the NICU even though I had surgery that day. I want to try to continue this, even though I relocated…I am hopeful to do this again at some point. I also love to send cards in the mail.
    I pray that my boys will have a letter from friends or colleagues or family members to open each year on their birthday to remember their dad…but this is a hard request to fill.


    1. ddl
      Thank you so much for sharing this. Wanting your sons to get something to remember their dad each year is wonderful! I pray that it gets easier, not harder over the years to find others willing to remember him to them in this way!


  2. My birthday was yesterday. A big one. Changed decades. Now 60…Had no problem with 50. Am struggling some with this. Keep feeding me lots of chocolate!


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