For many of us it is that day of the year when the dust which we usually vacuum up, sweep away, wash off our vehicles or brush off our shoes becomes an adornment.

Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.  Repent and believe the Gospel.

Jan Richardson at Painted Prayerbook writes of the terrible, marvelous dust. “How terrible. And how marvelous, that God should feel so tender toward the dust as to create us from it, and return us to it, breathing through us all the while”  

Diane Roth makes a confession for Ash Wednesday in ‘You Don’t Know Me‘  “my truthfulness is approximate, that while I strive to be vulnerable and give to the world an honest representation of myself, for a variety of reasons, I leave things out”

Lauren Lorincz shares with us her memories of her first Ash Wednesday as a seminarian serving a congregation.  “the ash had seeped in and was terribly hard to remove from my skin”

Wil Gafney writes about Lent and the crucified and crucifying world.  “Lent is coming and I am almost out of laments – and I do not want any more”.

And if you are in need of last minute ideas for worship, or looking for ways to practice Lent…

Joanna Harader shares her ideas for a family-friendly Ash Wednesday service.

Ruth Everhart is hosting a Lenten pilgrimage at her blog.

Deb is planning to blog more as part of her Lenten observance – something RevGalBlogPals can always support!  Read her thoughtful reflection and perhaps plan to join her.

You are welcome to leave links to your own blogs in the comments below if you have been writing about Ash Wednesday or want to share Lenten resources – particularly if you wrote earlier in the month!  The Wednesday Festival seeks to highlight some of the writing from around the Blog Ring in the last seven days.

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