This is the beginning of the season of Lent. What are your thoughts, hopes, and prayers?

For today’s Friday Five, share five things about Lent.

If you’d like some guidance, here are a few suggestions:

1. books

2. new ideas

3. websites

4. poems, hymns

5. to do

Please share your Lenten ideas in the comments below. Leave a link to your blog!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Lent

  1. Books – so many wonderful choices. Henri Nouwen has several options, Malcolm Guite’s Lent for 2015, Bread and Wine various including NT Wright, Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri Nouwen just some coming to mind.

    Websites with New Ideas – one fav – The Work of the People

    Poems – Malcolm Guite’s – The Word in the Wilderness[ A poem a day for Lent & Easter]

    To Do – what I’m currently doing is posting a brief daily meditation from Henri Nouwen’s BELOVED video series . Then taking the time I need to journey is my personal To Do…

    Looking forward to hearing others F5s


  2. I’m new to the blogosphere and excited to see such an active community of female clergy. I have two new resources to offer and three other favorite Lenten ideas to round out the Friday five:
    1. “Stories and Seasons” includes original prayers for corporate worship and homiletic primers
    2. “The Altar of Her Life” reflects on the sacred in the ordinary experience of a woman, a priest, a mom, a human
    3. Explore hidden landscapes of Lent – our own desert, mountain, temple, etc. Metaphors for the inner life
    4. This week I’m planning to engage my children in a Lenten practice by taking them shopping for food and cold weather supplies to keep in the car for the homeless men and women we encounter when we drive around.
    5. Stop. Breathe. Notice.


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