We have many poetic voices around the RevGalBlogPals network, and poetry seems a fitting form by which to mark the Lenten season — catching a phrase here and there, finding meaning in a clump of ashes, holding onto one parable or one word or one crumb, cobbling stones together in search of a path that might deliver us to Jerusalem. From your fellow gals and pals, savor these snippets of words and images for your Lenten journeys:

“…take me, lead me, show me
How I can make the best
of the wilderness time of Lent”
from A Country Girl
“Greatness involves recapturing that spirit
of imagination
and exploration…
And to throw love
and compliments around
like confetti
– why?
Just because.”

“Why is our love so imperfect,
music only echo of itself,
the light wrong?”
from a pilgrim’s process

“It’s not about us,
all on our own,
lonesome selves.
It’s about partnership,
it’s about grace…”
from Just Wondering


And this bit of poetry at the end of a story, which is too priceless and courageous not to share:

“Not everyone listens.
But change won’t come from silence.
Sometimes you have to put on your brass bra and speak up.”
from The Vicar of Hogsmeade

Have a bit of your own poetry and/or blogging to add? Please share a link in the comments!

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