When it gets to the end of February, even people who LOVE winter are ready for a new season. Like this mom, sick of snow days and hearing the soundtrack of a specific movie, you might be going a little stir-crazy. With the lyrics of that  movie to inspire, tell us:

1. For The First Time in Forever: Tell us about a magical first snow day – for a child, a transplanted southerner, or maybe you have a great story from the first snowfall in your area this season

2. In Summer: Tell us what you look forward to when it’s warmer again.

3. Reindeers are Better than people: We are in the business of loving people. But sometimes… Well, it’s a bit of a stretch to love. Do you have a tip, a mantra, or a perspective that helps?

4. Fixer Upper: Since we are in the season of Lent, what are you doing in the area of self-improvement?

5. Let. It. Go. What would Elsa do? Are you de-cluttering? Moving on? Accepting a hard reality? Finding freedom?

Bonus: Frozen, thawing out or thawed, share a picture from your winter this year!

21 thoughts on “It’s a FROZEN Friday Five

  1. 1. Seeing my children kick the snow off their boots. They do it in such a way that they are totally absorbed. And they marvel at their snow boots. Such a simple pleasure.
    2. I can not wait until I can walk my children to daycare again in the warmth of the sun. And walk in the quiet night and gaze at lights shining thru windows and people enjoying their families and loved ones and hearing the rustle of trees in the quiet and watching the clouds drift by the moon.
    3. I have a curious ability to “float” outside my body and it helps me to bridge the distance betw. others and myself by trying to stand where they are and see what they see, however inaccurately the measure or however small I may feel at the time.
    4. I am reading a book on Creativity by M. Csik(long name that I can say or spell) and a series on the 7 deadly sins by a bunch of philosophers. And about to try my hand at visual journaling, since I seem to have misplaced my voice– my brain can not find the words to describe what I am feeling.
    5. I constantly get Elsa and Anna mixed up. But I think that, to answer your question, this has been one very long frozen journey to accept a damn hard reality and to thaw the frozen places, castles being an illusion, and people being who and what they are.


  2. In light of today’s theme, I wanted to share this recent post…
    I’m Trying to Just “Let it Go!”

    1. Pulling on my Christmas gift of Hunter boots with a fleece lining and feeling like, “I can go anywhere!”
    2. The smell of dirt
    3. “I can’t give what I don’t have.”
    4. Taking time every day to write
    5. Elsa is a good model for me who for most of my life acted the way other people wanted me to act. I’m on a journey to learn how to “Let it Go!”… let go of expectations and judgement that keep me from being a unique instrument of God in the world.


  3. Magical Snow Day

    I’m torn between two. My first memory occurred around the age of 2. I remember waking up before my parents. I don’t remember how, but apparently, I figured out that it was snowing (in Mississippi – the southern part if that’s not redundant). I went outside in my jammies no less, and spent a short time in total wonder. My world was, temporarily, white. I was truly enchanted until my feet began to lose feeling. I ran back inside, threw myself on my dad, still asleep, and squealed about the new world that had come about while we were all sleeping. We went outside together. He gathered up a handful of snow, went inside, and made me snow ice cream. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything else in my lifetime that was as delicious as that snow ice cream.

    Changed my mind about number two. It’s longer than number one, so I’ll save it for another day.

    Warmer Days

    When the weather trespasses 60 and hasn’t yet reached 99.999, I enjoy reading/snoozing on the back porch, especially when there’s a light breeze.

    Reindeer Are Better Than People

    Yes. Yes, they are. I have the most trouble with bullies/naysayers in my church. A very kind Sunday School teacher helping me to deal with night terrors told me to say over and over until I felt better, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee. What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.” Still works.

    Fixer Upper

    Hmmm. We’re only on, what, the 9th day of Lent? I’m already trying to figure out how to weasel out of one of the three goals I established for myself. Foregoing (you can spell that with or without the ‘e.’ I had to check to see which. I have the same problem with therefore/therfore.) non-Lenten words is a no-brainer. Increasing quiet time in the sanctuary will take effort and a really loud alarm on my phone, but I can do it. Giving up sarcasm, however, has proved to be a REAL challenge. If I so much as open my mouth, it just falls out for everyone to hear. I’d just shut up until Easter, but my job description makes that kind of difficult. My husband is having a wonderful time trying to engage me in conversation where it is almost impossible not to employ sarcasm. I hate him. Wait. Is that sarcasm? I can no longer tell.

    Let. It. Go.

    Elsa Schmelsa. I am in fact de-cluttering, moving on, accepting a hard reality, AND finding freedom. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Good Sabbath!

    Marcia B.

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