Authors love to describe the loneliness of their book tours: the reading where only two people showed up, including the bookstore barista; the pile of unsold books, whose covers flutter like brave badges of optimism as they’re stuffed back into their box. Personally, I’ve experienced the unique solitude of sitting behind a table which holds copies of my own book, with no one to talk to. And really, what are you gonna read to pass the time in that situation?

Perhaps because some of us have had those experiences, we thought: Wouldn’t it be fun for all fifty of us contributors to go on a book tour together? Imagine it: we’d pile into a bus and drive around the country, stopping at bookstores and libraries and random gas stations. How bold we’d become!

“Hey you, I’m talking to YOU! I have a book here for sale. It’s about women who love Jesus!”

“Cheddar? Excuse me, no. I said Jesus. But yes, it’s true. Everybody loves cheddar.”

The problem is that with fifty of us on tour, it would be difficult to cultivate that lonely artist vibe. Plus, it would be geographically difficult. To say nothing of the carbon footprint. So we decided to send our blogs on tour instead. They are more mobile than we are, and just as interactive.

RevGals book cover

Here’s the book we’ll be promoting:

There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share their Hard Days, Holy Moments, and the Healing Power of Humor.

  • Edited by our very own RGBP Director Martha Spong.
  • Foreword by RGBP/author/speaker Carol Howard Merritt.
  • Featuring more than fifty contributors, all members of RGBP.
  • Release date is April 15.

Pre-order at the publisher Skylight Paths or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

All proceeds will support the ministry of RevGalsBlogPals, which has 501c(3) nonprofit status, and no other funding source.

Thank you so much for your order!

Pre-orders are ridiculously important in this book business!


  • 2 blogposts each day for 30 days (April 15-May 15)
  • All blogposts hubbed to this website.
  • Each blogpost linked and tweeted and tumbld and pinned by all 2400+ of us!

You don’t have to be a RevGal to write a blogpost. In fact, you don’t have to be a “Rev” or a “Gal.” Perhaps you know someone who has a blog with a wide reach, or a certain niche — feel free to invite that person to participate.

We appreciate your tweets and retweets and every form of support!


To register for the Blog Tour you need an invitation from Sign Up Genius. Leave your email address in a comment or send it to: Ruth (dot) Everhart (at) verizon (dot) net. You’ll be able to choose a date, and will get a reminder 10 days before your blogpost is due. Write a 600-800 word blogpost. Some ideas:

  • What touched you about this book, or a particular contribution?
  • What do you value about the ministry of RevGals?
  • Could you interview a clergywoman about the subjects touched on?
  • What unique truth does this book tell?


You don’t have to be a contributor to help publicize the book.

  • During the Blog Tour — between April 15 and May 15 — share and link and tweet and tumble and pin the blogposts!
  • Use #WomaninthePulpit and #RevGals.
  • Distribute the flyer (coming soon) electronically. Think about who would be interested in this book: Judicatory officials? Members of a ministry group? Colleagues?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ideas, your contributions, your enthusiasm, and your participation!

It turns out that writing is like ministry: it doesn’t have to be such a lonely business after all. Isn’t that why we love RevGals in the first place?

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