Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.37.01 PMDid you know that RevGalBlogPals, which started 10 years ago with a comment-conversation, now has over 300 member blogs? There are some real gems there in the sidebar –>…you should check them out!



a few recently updated blogs from our ring!

We have bloggers who post pictures of knitting, bloggers who write about their families, bloggers who reflect on the lectionary, bloggers who post sermons, bloggers who take pictures…you get the idea. Every blog is unique, and we love having all these voices in our community!



our feedly overfloweth! And yet there’s always room for more…


Blogging isn’t the same as it used to be back when RGBP started, of course. Once upon a time it was pretty informal and we could all visit each other’s blogs every day and have whole conversations in the comments. We didn’t have feed readers, for instance….plus now we have Facebook and Twitter for that, and blogs have turned more in the direction of other published media. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t community!

So today we ask you–who should be a RevGalBlogPal? What blogger do you wish was listed there in the sidebar? Whose blog do you read and find yourself surprised they’re not already part of our blog-ring? And what other blogs are you reading?

Put links in the comments! And if you think someone should join the RevGalBlogPals, send them this post and invite them to join! It’s easy–they just need to send their URL and brief introduction to our gmail address…

3 thoughts on “do you know a blogger…?

    1. Thanks, Mike!

      I don’t have *any* revgalblogpals in NZ, so would love to join the global hangout here.

      On the subject of (the invisibility of) Kiwi women in church leadership, I wrote this recently:

      Thalia from
      Also here:


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