P1140821I always think that daffodils are harbingers of spring, which arrives today. Although they do not grow here in south Texas,  I was able to see them blooming this past weekend in Washington State.

For today’s Friday Five, write about five signs of spring that you look for each year and most especially this year.

Remember to leave a link to your blog where you play Friday Five. It will be fun to think of spring in different parts of the world.

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Spring!

  1. 1.Watching the daycrew plant flowers all around our apartment complex, including pansies and seeing daffodils.
    2. Daily walks to and from daycare when it is warmer and splashing in puddles.
    3. Seeing my sons play in the grass and at the park.
    4. Pussywillows. The night that my son died, my husband and I placed a handful of pussywillows in his hands. The pussywillows were gifted to me by a parishioner who had a farm and we brought them from our home in Easthampton to Boston Children’s hospital. I had been partial to pussywillows before, but now even more so.
    5. The smell of the air and the crossbreeze that will be created when I open the windows of the treehouse apartment for the first time.


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