Set down your sackcloth and ashes for a moment. Pause from the frantic preparations of Holy Week bulletins and palm-frond-finding and Easter-egg-dying. Come and savor some ordinary joys from the blogging network:

…from the rocks which are
“safe places,
sheltering places,
hiding places,
exactly what [we] need”…
(Just Wondering)

…to the delight of a newly-baptized baby:
“When she looked them in the eyes,
and they looked into hers,
she calmed down and forgot her anxiety”…
(Faith in Community)

…to an afternoon walk in the snowy mountains…
(writing as jo[e])

…to the springtime return of birds:
“I wondered what makes [the birds] so much fun
to watch? I think part of it is the fact that
they always look so enthusiastic!”…
(Life, Gratitude, Faith, & Passion)

As Don’t Eat Alone reminds us: “The dailiness of our lives is distinguished by how well we pay attention to the details, how well we turn habits into rituals, how deeply we sink our roots into the commonplace. We live ordinary lives shot through with love and grace and mercy.”

Be blessed on this ordinary day, friends.

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