I know you do not have a lot of spare time to be out reading other RevGal blogs in Holy Week. Therefore, I chose blogs this week that really helped to feed my soul in some deep and meaningful way. If you need to procrastinate, or offer your lagging spirit a breath of fresh air, I offer up these fresh breezes this week:

Joanna at Spacious Faith wonders how our walk through Holy Week mirrors the disciple’s walk through Passover. It is a powerful thought to ponder.

Deb at An Unfinished Symphony shares beautifully her visit to her own backyard. Noticing the seasonal changes became part of the journey of Holy Week: nature moving from death to new life.

Heidi at The Vicar of Bolingbrook has an instructional and reflective post on the spiritual practice of silence – actually several ways to practice silence.

Martha originally wrote for her Reflectionary blog, and then the Christian Century blog, about another resurrection. It is a beautiful story to ponder as we walk through death and resurrection this week.

Kimberly at Consider the Lilies teases out the differences between being an admirer of Jesus and a follower of Jesus. There is a powerful difference between the two – a gap we all hope to close over our lifetimes.

Maria at Everyday Thinking shares her experience with sheep and cattle, and with shepherds and cowboys. There are differences there that I needed to read and really think about this Holy week.

Sister Sarah at Sister Sarah’s Excellent Adventure posted an invitation to visit this week. I will be taking advantage of that invitation in my daydreams – this sounds like such a meaningful and beautiful way to spend Holy Week.

Blessings on your ministry this week. May God who called you to this ministry, give you the strength and will to fulfill it.

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