We praise you, Lord, for your gift of Christian community, and we thank you as we humbly and with reverence celebrate Christ’s initiation of our communal eucharist. May we never fail to be grateful for the diverse people who make up the body of Christ, and sustain our faith in each other at times when we disagree. In the face of disappointments and betrayals keep us thankful for the new commandment Christ has given us, and help us to better love each other as he has loved us, with a sacrificial and unconditional love. As we struggle with doubts and fears, help us to trust that you will always provide the nourishment we need. We ask that you especially strengthen the faith of the faith of the many Christians around the world you are persecuted for daring to celebrate communion and the love of your son Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Kathleen Norris. God For Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter. Ed. Greg Pennoyer and Gregory Wolfe. Brewster, Massachusetts: Paraclete Press, 2014. 166.

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