easter morning

For some inexplicable (?) reason, it’s very, very quiet around the blog ring. Could it be that we are a bit worn down by the avalanche of writing demands heaped upon us over the past few weeks – the liturgies, the prayers, the sermons? And, for some, the funeral services, the community services, the sunrise services?  Jesus is risen! And we are sleeping.

There’s a big exception, of course, and that’s The Book, which is out on Kindle, and available in hard copy in a few days. If you order There’s a Woman in the Pulpit directly from the publisher, there’s an extra boon to RevGals, so I strongly encourage you to go that route (in addition to your Kindle order if, like me, you require instant gratification where books are concerned).

And, since we are festivaling – a huge round of grateful applause to Martha Spong, book editor and herder-of-cats in chief. Not only is her writing sensitive, elegant, and on target every time, but her organizational skills are . . . well . . . to this preacher, who is always looking for something somewhere, they are downright dazzling. Thank you, Martha!

Now, on to the blogs, host to a few hardy souls the last few days:

In her blog Writing and Other Acts of Faith, April remembers a colleague wondering whether to offer congratulations or condolences as she accepted her first call. Twenty-two years later, she is thriving, thanks in part to her “22 Best Practices!” My favorite? “Develop a sense of wonder again and again.”

In Dreaming Beneath the Spires, Anita writes about “Thin Places.” Perhaps that’s why it’s so quiet this week – pastors are heading for thin places.

And talk about – or view – thin places: Danny has been posting gorgeous photos published by gifted artists in Sunshine and Shadows. Here is a Monday morning gift of fog. Be sure to click back through her recent posts for a visual feast.

And because we would not want to miss the Food Babe wars, chemistry professor and spiritual writer Michelle has taken her on in Quantum Theology (re-capped from Slate), and the Science Babe has followed suit: “Of Beaver Butts and Bullsh*t.”

And  . . . and . . .  finally, because Holy Week is just behind us, because it’s still Easter, and because it’s the Wednesday Festival, Diane’s Faith in Community entry on “Other Voices” reminds us that we all – in churches, in thin places, in chemistry labs, in our writing — embody the love of God.

Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!

2 thoughts on “Easter 2 Wednesday Festival

  1. I appreciate your mentioning my post, Robin – I’m also looking forward to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and will go now to explore the other Wednesday highlights. Thanks!


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