Putting my feet up after a long week.
Putting my feet up after a long week.

To the church member who emailed at the beginning of Holy Week to ask about the (very important) meeting that we (I) needed to get scheduled; the one who concluded the email with: “I know this is a busy week for you. Just let me know what I can do to help”:

Thank you! I actually wept at my desk in relief when you agreed to take over scheduling that meeting. I imagine my crying jag took as much time as it would have taken to send out the necessary emails. But still, weeping with gratitude is much more fun than scheduling a meeting.

To the lovely lady in our church who broke her hip on Holy Monday:

REALLY? I mean, I love you. And I will visit you and pray for you. It’s just that your timing was awful.

To my Sister-in-Law who runs her own medical practice and still offered to bring lunch and fill all of the plastic eggs for the family egg hunt because she knew I would have a busy week:

You’re the best! (Also my little brother obviously gets his good judgment and impeccable taste from me.) Maybe I can step up and help you out during flu season or something.

To my Children:

You may, some day, be invited to share Easter dinner in a non-clergy household and I want you to know how to behave: If there is no stack of plates on the counter, look to see if the plates are already on the table before you start looking for a plate in the cabinets. If the plates are on the table, sit down at the table. Someone will likely bring food to the table where it will be passed around. This food will probably not be tacos. Do not ask, “Where are the Easter tacos?”. Easter tacos are not really a thing.

To Jesus:

Not to criticize the salvific work you did to redeem the world or anything . . . just . . . maybe you could have stayed in the tomb a few more days. You know, give us pastors a little breathing room, some emotional recovery time between leading Good Friday services and writing our Easter sermons. Like maybe we could have a Maundy Monday and a Good Tuesday . . . Just throwing out a few ideas. I wonder if you thought through the liturgical ramifications of your timing on this one. Still, thanks for everything.

To Self:

Do not schedule EVERY SINGLE MEETING for the week after Easter just because you know you will be busy before Easter. “After Easter” is not a magic time when you will suddenly have nothing to do but browse the internet and go to meetings. “After Easter” is when you have to do all of your normal stuff PLUS all of the stuff you have been putting off until “After Easter.” I send you this note every year. I will continue to send it until you act like you have read it.

To All My Pastor Colleagues:

Nothing says “Jesus is Risen” like an afternoon on the couch (or beach or deck) with a ridiculously silly book and a beverage (or peanut butter fudge malt) of your choice. Blessings to you as you nurture your own bodies and spirits in these days of joy and celebration.

by Joanna Harader

16 thoughts on “Wits-Ends-Day: Post-Easter Notes from the Pastor

    1. Oddly enough, while shopping the day before Easter, the sales clerk and I got into a conversation about Easter and lunch and whatnot. She was going to make tacos because it was easy and her family likes them. We decided that Easter tacos would from this year on definitely be a thing. Who knew?

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  1. I often tell my congregants that after the second Easter service, I am going straight to bed, and I am not getting up until Wednesday. 99% of them think I’m kidding. The 10% that do that 90%, those heroic few who hang around getting stuff done, know I am not. My parents (an hour and 15 minutes away) traditionally invite me over for a “late” dinner. Every year I disappoint them (except for that first year when I didn’t know any better). It is impossible for me to express how much I love God, His church, and Holy Week. What remains is for me to learn to love myself (just a little), so that when the sun dawns on our Risen Savior, I will not cry out, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!” and fall face first down the chancel steps.


  2. Aw, c’mon. Tacos are good for any occasion! (Says the clergy couple who’s always invited elsewhere for Easter Dinner. Our kids know what a real Easter meal is like now, but have no conception that their parents might, on another week, be capable of preparing such a meal!)


  3. Really wonderful. Thanks. It was Easter naps and then take our two teenage boys out for Easter dinner – steak, salmon and beer for this clergy couple.


  4. lol. Easter Tacos! My poor daughter got sausages in a breadroll for Easter dinner this year! We claimed we were making the most of the weather by having a BBQ but it was clear I just needed to sit outside for a bit and eat something quick and easy to prepare. OH did cook a lovely smoked pork loin roast on Easter Monday though.

    I am officially on holiday this week…however I have already worked all day Monday [funeral in am and Easter service for older folks in the pm], spent Tuesday [most of morning] chasing my organist and trying to sort everything for Sunday [when I am not here but we have pulpit supply], Tuesday afternoon was spent on phone with funeral director arranging a funeral for next Thursday [my usual day off] as the family specifically want me but can’t manage any other day next week, Wednesday am was again spent chasing the organist, phoning the replacement organist, emailing order of service from pulpit supply minister to replacement organist, emailing Session Clerk re said replacement organist and trying to sort a hospital visit for next week with an elder by starting every email with the words ‘ I am currently on holiday but will be back to work on Tuesday eve]….AND desperately trying to visit a country park with my family…arrggghh.. I am quite looking forward to being back at work and getting a break tbh. [hollow laughter].


  5. I chuckled my way through this! So good. Reminded me of the year a family insisted on a funeral on Monday of Holy Week — because that would be “before I got so busy!!!” (Death occurred 2 months before but this was the first time the family could all be together.)


  6. Love Easter Tocos – some WONDERFUL person made us a tray of leftover ham sandwiches, chips and cookies – that was Easter dinner…praise God for that person! Oh and we are going to do a big easter dinner spread it’s just going to be 3 weeks after Easter and with my Dad and step-mom since they had to cancel their big Easter dinner due to my dad getting a horrible cold…but post Easter decision: I sprang for a cleaning company to come clean the house while we were out on Monday…seriously people…BEST DECISION EVER!!!


  7. We took the family (daughters, husbands, granddaughter) out to eat at a nice local establishment & then everybody took a nap. Best money ever spent!


  8. Recently Jesus turned to his Father and said, “I know you’re busy, but You have to read this. It was addressed to Me. ”

    The Father read:

    “To Jesus:

    Not to criticize the salvific work you did to redeem the world or anything . . . just . . . maybe you could have stayed in the tomb a few more days. You know, give us pastors a little breathing room, some emotional recovery time between leading Good Friday services and writing our Easter sermons. Like maybe we could have a Maundy Monday and a Good Tuesday . . . Still, thanks for everything.”

    The Father began to say something to His Son, but instead let out a laugh that echoed throughout the corridors of an entire webring!

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