O God, these are faithful people. Your faithful people. Who want to do good. Who are trying to do good. For you. Who are standing up and showing up. They are in rough places. They are dealing with tough situations. They are overwhelmed and overloaded. And the near constant stream of bad news about our broken world is pummeling them. Just crushing them.
And. They. Are. Tired.

But, God, they see others hurting. They see broken spirits. They see broken systems. They see broken communities. And they cannot look away. They cannot ignore it. So instead of shutting their eyes and wishing it all gone or better or over, they look harder. They look for you. In the brokenness. Still. Always. Somehow. They see you there. They see your story. They see your hope. They see your resurrection promise. They see your LOVE. Even in the brokenness.

So they get up. Again. Even when they didn’t think they could. Even when they said they wouldn’t. And they walk towards the love. They point others towards the love. They sometimes even drag people towards the love. They preach and teach about the love. They serve and plan and organize and sing and write and create and jump up and down and dance in and around and next to and near the love. Your love. Even in the brokenness. Even in their brokenness.

O God, these are your faithful people. Fill them today. Make them bold. Make them stronger than they are. Inspire the crap out of them. Give them your energy. Drench them in your ridiculous and wonderful love. Help them to find ways to keep pointing to you and your love and your work and your way.

Because the world needs people who point to your love.
Right. Now.

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