This week, I’ve been thinking about T. Denise Anderson’s post from Monday on women being heard and trusted. You add her powerful words to the news out of China about 5 young women being arrested for speaking out about domestic violence, inequality in higher education, and just plain being unable to take a pee.Then I started reading Men Explain Things to Me today.

And then I think of the disciples, hiding in a room, and Thomas, out and about with doubt. They did not believe the testimony of Mary Magdalene. You KNOW they mansplained all kinds of reasons why they should stay in the room/not go to Galilee/not move until Jesus came again… just to be sure.

Let us pray…

God of our sighing mothers, you have birthed your creation into being, nurtured us through rebellion and chaos, and adopted us into an open salvation that is beyond comprehension.

Your sighs of grief stir over the drought-inflicted hills of California.

Your frustration rumbles around the train stations, bus stops, and city corners where your beloved feel unsafe.

Your longing for peace, for healing, and for equality outpaces ours- for your word has been revealed, the truth of your expectations has been established, your credential is clear, and your work is on-going.

Bring the freedom for which we long.

Bring the day when we can rejoice in our bodies.

Bring the day when we can dress with out fear.

Bring the day when we walk with our heads high.

Bring the day when we can speak and be heard.

Bring the day when we live free from fear in our home.

Bring the day when we do not grieve for our children.

Bring the day when we see each sister as our equal.

Bring the day when we can fail in our own merits and not have it attributed to our gender.

Bring the day when the world knows what you have made…

Wondrous women. Powerful women. Fierce Women. Strong Women.

Half your creation, God, cries out.

Hear us.

And, in your mercy,


Answer us.

3 thoughts on “Friday Prayer: Speak Up, Speak Out

  1. thank you, thank you Lutheran Julia as the news around us continues to reveal the particular struggles that half of creation endures because of their gender.


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