RevGals book cover

Together we RevGals have birthed / launched a book!

It’s available for purchase by clicking on the book cover in the right sidebar. Remember that all proceeds will support the ministry of RevGals.

To help spread the word, various RevGals and supporters will be featuring the book on their blogs for the thirty days between April 15 and May 15. The posts will be linked below. What a fitting way to celebrate a book written by a group who began as a group of bloggers.

Here’s another fun idea: As soon as you get your copy, take a photo of “There’s a Woman in the Pulpit” in a pulpit — with or without you. Post it on your social media. Use #WomanInThePulpit and #RevGals. Let’s retweet!

If you want to participate in the Blog Tour, there’s always room for one more blogger, so leave a comment and I’ll send you the invitation. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Sarah Howe Miller holds her copy of the book - in the pulpit!
Sarah Howe Miller holds her copy of the book – in the pulpit! Visit our #WomaninthePulpit Tumblr for more pictures.

Rev. Jennifer Lewis at Orientation of the Heart (April 15)

Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell at [D]mergent (April 15)

Rev. Liz Crumlish at journalling (April 16)

Rev. Kerri Parker at Tell the Stories (April 17)

Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey at any day a beautiful change (April 17)

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt interviews Rev. Martha Spong (audio) at the Christian Century (no subscription necessary) (April 17)

Rev. Rosalind Hughes at over the water (April 18)

Rev. Erin Counihan at Somewhat Reverend (April 18)

Rev. Robin Craig at Beautiful and Terrible (April 19)

Rev. Diane Roth at faith in community (April 19)

Rev. Deb Vaughn at An Unfinished Symphony (April 20)

Rev. Laura Schmidt Viau at The Viau from Here (April 20)

Rev. Deborah Lewis at Snow Day (April 22)

Rev. Teri Ott at Something to Say (April 22)

Rev. MaryAnn McKibben Dana at The Blue Room (April 23)

Rev. Joanna Harader at Spacious Faith (April 24)

Rev. Jan Edmiston at A Church for Starving Artists (April 24)

Rev. Martha Daniels at Rainbow Pastor (April 25)

Rev. Kimmy Stokesbary at Go the Distance (April 26)

Rev. Julie Woods at A Country Girl (April 27)

Rev. Laurie Brock at Dirty Sexy Ministry (April 27)

Rev. Sharon Temple at Tidings of Comfort and Joy (April 28)

Rev. Sarah Howe Miller at The Vicar of Hogsmeade (April 28)

Rev. Pat Raube at A Swimmer in the Fount (April 29)

Rev. Catherine MacDonald at My Window on God’s World (April 29)

Rev. Traci Smith interviews Martha Spong (April 30)

Rev. Karla Miller at amazing bongos (May 1)

Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan at Preacher on the Plaza (May 1)

Jacquelyn Lynn at Jacquelyn Lynn Blog (May 2)

Rev. Katya Ouchakof at Proclamation (May 3)

Rev. Rachel Hackenberg  (May 4)

Rev. Jennifer Mills-Knutsen at For the Someday Book (May 4)

Rev. Jemma Allen at Exilic Chaplain (May 5)

Gillian Hoyer at Gillian’s Island (May 5)

Rev. Stacey Simpson Duke at Earthchicknits (May 5)

Mary Beth Butler at Terrapin Station (May 6)

Rev. Sara Irwin at Sara I Writes (May 8)

Rev. Hilary Campbell at Pootling Along (May 11)

Rev. Anne Andert at Soul Wiggles (May 13)

Rev. Sigi Hegelson, guest-blogging at RevGalBlogPals (May 14)

Rev. Ruth Everhart at Love the Work (do the work) (May 15)

Rev. April Yamasaki at Writing and Other Acts of Faith (May 15)

Rev. Michelle Torigian (May 18)

13 thoughts on “Blog Tour #WomanInThePulpit

  1. As exciting as it is, I would respectfully note that this is not the first RevGals book, but the third. There are also two devotionals out there– “A Light Blazes in the Darkness” and “Ordinary Time,” the first of which is still available.


    1. Hi, Jane~
      I believe Ruth joined us later and may not know about the devotionals we self-published in 2005 and 2006. I had no idea the first one was still available via Amazon! We’ve come a long way since we received those copies from Lulu, some of which had another book entirely between the covers. 🙂


  2. Thanks for adding me to the Blog Tour list… although, while I’d like to be a Rev…I’m not quite there yet! (Wait, isn’t there a story about that somewhere?!?) 🙂


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