My coworker looked over with amusement at my purse. It was stuffed to the brim so that I had both hands free to carry a large vase of flowers. We both began to chuckle as I kept pulling out items I needed: communion wine, computer charger, hiliter, tissues, rescue inhaler, and finally my phones (yes… I carry TWO!) It felt like I was carrying Mary Poppins’ carpetbag!

Sometimes, as pastors, chaplains, moms or just itinerant workers, our purses and backpacks do become “carry-alls.” So this made me wonder: what are you carrying around that perhaps you could unload or set aside? Please share:

  1. Physical: What do you ALWAYS carry in your purse/wallet/coat pocket/backpack?
  2. Whimsical: Is there a surprise inside? What’s among the unusual items?
  3. Practical: As a chaplain, I always have some breath mints and tissues. How about you?
  4. Spiritual: Share a question or lesson from your spiritual life that you’re puzzling about. 
  5. Virtual: Anything you’d like us to help you carry? Or maybe you have a picture, quote or story to lighten another’s load? 

BONUS: share a photo of your bag/backpack/purse/car — we won’t judge! 

We invite you play along by either giving us your answers in the comments, or pasting in your blog’s link. I’ll be around to visit later this afternoon.

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Whatcha Hauling?

    1. Hi, Terri~
      The blog tour is pinned to the top for the next few weeks; thanks for your patience! We’ve actually moved a previous Friday feature to Mondays (The Pastoral is Political).
      I get a notification for all the posts via email, each with a direct link to the post. You might want to try that to more easily find posts you want to see in particular. The subscribe box is in the sidebar just under the Search box. Friday Five is also in the sidebar under Popular Features, with a link leading to all the Friday Fives in descending order, newest one on top.
      Hope this helps,


  1. Fun play, Deb! Here is mine in the comments:
    1. Physical: lipstick
    2. Whimsical: a set of fine line colorful markers to doodle with
    3. Practical: umm, lipstick.
    4. Spiritual: I am noodling/praying/wondering about my call. Not quite at a crossroads, but pondering possibilities.
    This is my bag that I love, but empty. All those inner pockets!!!!


    1. FUN Vera Bradley bag! I do like inner pockets, too. Love the idea of taking markers with me for doodling… but I usually take a small knitting project with me.


  2. Friday play devotions:
    1. Physical: brightly colored prayer beads, a small piece of my wedding dress, a journal, a book, and a small capsule of Australian wooden toothpicks flavored with strong mint and purchased for my husband years ago because I wanted him to have this small luxury (he always had a plastic toothpick in the car that he used and it was sad, sad, so very sad looking) and, one year, I ordered the capsule from some really high end catalog, like Herrington, or something for Xmas and surprised him. He went back to using his plastic toothpick but put the capsule on his keychain.
    2. Whimsical: a small coin with St. Julian’s image holding a cat and, on the reverse, it says “All Shall be Well.” And a flowered hanky from a yard sale of vintage hankies.
    3. Practical: Anointing oil and mints (Altoids– peppermint and STRONG)
    4. Spiritual: Why does it take some of us so long just to get to the same starting point as others?
    5. Virtual: Neruda lines for today: “I like it when you’re quiet. It’s as if you weren’t here now. As if you were dead now, and sorrowful, and distant. A word then is sufficient, or a smile, to make me happy, Happy that it seems so certain that you’re present.” I wonder why the poet wrote these lines. They make me think about God… They invite me to appreciate the smallest things, like the woman who appreciated crumbs from under the master’s table….


    1. Sweet to carry a piece of your wedding dress… I would be afraid that I would lose it! I also carry anointing oil and Altoids. 🙂 Thank you for the Neruda lines… I will ponder them!


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