Dear God,

I am grateful that I have straggled to this morning.  I forgot to roll  my black pants before getting to work, which means I am full of the cat and dog hair.  (o.k., I know that is everyday, but sometimes I like to present a little less hairy.) My sweater sleeve peaks halfway down my shoulder because it was hanging on a wire hanger in my closet instead.  I have snuffly sinus head.  I am not complaining, God, but mostly amazed that even in the state I am, all askew, inside and outside, that you will still work within and through me to shine your Light.  Well, I trust that you will.  Good luck. I love you. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Prayer

  1. Thank you, Karla – I feel like you know me! Was running late on Sunday, went to put on the sweater I’d chosen, and there were two “hanger horns” where the shoulders should be. Wet a towel and threw it into the dryer with the sweater, came back to find that the pile of magazines on which I’d rested my glasses had slipped, the glasses hitting the floor and one lens flying who knows where, Began crawling on the floor of our one-dog, five-cat house in my black pants, feeling around blindly for the lens….I will put this prayer on my mirror so that I can say it every morning. Bless you!


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