Holy One,

Here we are again, another Memorial Day weekend..

The “unofficial” start of summer – sunshine, barbecues, road trips, pool and beach excursions, a much-needed day off work.  After a long winter and a “sometimes spring,” we mark time with this date on the calendar.

We revel, we gather, we party, we celebrate…yet  in the midst of our celebrations, we rush past the “memorial” part of this day – a call to pause and remember…and remember…and remember again. To remember the names and faces of the millions who have lost their lives in military service in our country and throughout this world.  To remember those who still grieve their loss, whether it has been 70 years or 7 months.

Militarization is such a divisive topic – for/against, necessary/unnecessary, unjust/just…

And though these debates are important, crucial and valid, let us all for one brief moment take the time to cease from debate…

To remember.

The dead are forever etched in the memory of God.

The dead are forever etched into the memory of their loved ones.

May the dead forever be etched into the memory of this world because they were here, they lived, and they mattered.

And may we always honor their memory by believing and working towards that which we know to be true: peace IS possible.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Prayer

  1. Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I need to include in our pastoral prayer time tomorrow…time to pause in the midst of Pentecost celebrating and remember.


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