Cleveland Spring 2013

I thought that this week maybe I’d find some light-hearted posts about late spring and early summer – graduations and weddings, picnics and vacations – but what kept popping up were posts about fear. Odd, that, given my determination to find gardens and swimming pools. But then, also: grace in the face of fear. And finally: all kinds of grace. Enjoy!

I realized that this was a sermon, of course, due to the introductory sentence, but then, so intrigued was I by Katherine Willis Pershey’s ruminations about tattoos, that I forgot. It’s a great read – and was probably even better in the hearing of it – about tattoos, yes, but also about fear and God’s presence and the Buechner quote from which my own blog title cometh.

Appalachian Preacher Amanda has also been writing about fear – and courage – in the context of challenges in ministry. Are we called to be bold? (Oh, yes.) And not to rock the boat? (That, too.) It’s a great piece on clergy isolation, expectations, push-back, and growth.

How are you doing with your fears about the future of the church? April Fiet shares her reflections on the Pew Survey, and invites us to dig a little deeper to question and ponder the results in ways that drive us beyond the quantitative.

I was going to link to one more post about fear: in Madre Doyle, Katherine writes about the effects of harassment on her young daughter, out for a run, and her own rage, and the growing courage of her girls. But I got so absorbed in reading backwards through Katherine’s blog entries that I’m posting a link to her entire blog and suggesting that you, too, red more than one post. In reverse order after the entry about her daughter’s experience: What does resurrection look like after depression? What reflects grace during a long bout with depression? How do we see and do church with our families and friends? What does it mean to be a clergywoman balancing multiple roles? Great blogging – take a look!

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