painted in the stairwell of the tower on Calton Hill in Edinburgh…I think it was supposed to be encouraging.


‘Tis the season…nearly halfway through the year, time for weddings and graduations (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), and for transitions of all kinds–including transitions in our blogging community!

We have three long-time members who have moved to new digs, with beautiful sites and wonderful writing filling up the spaces now marked by their new names. You can find them here:

Katherine, formerly at Any Day A Beautiful Change, is now here in a lovely new page.

Lea, whose old blog disappeared a couple of years ago but was never formally replaced in the RGBP web-ring, is now at Theological Panda Bear.

Cindi has moved from CindiK to Ministerial Musings–and it’s a great thoughtful blog, so be there or be square!

And we have two new members to welcome today, too!

Rebecca Todd Peters is a Presbyterian author, professor, and activist. She blogs about social justice, and sometimes other things. Check it out!

Thinking Christian is a blog by a Canadian couple, one a seminary student and one a person of eclectic faith. They say “Unlike most civilized people, we talk about religion – and faith – and history – a lot. Intentionally. And we don’t get into big wars about it. Faith fascinates both of us, but in different ways. Jennifer is the Spiritual Guide and future Minister, Glenn is the Academic.” They have a wonderful recent series of posts on how to treat a guest preacher–enjoy!


Welcome, friends new and old! We are glad you are here.
Now, everyone pop ’round and offer some good classic RGBP hospitality!

For EVERYONE who is a member of the blog ring–please remember to put the RevGals button on your blog! If you have changed templates or joined recently, now is the time! There are instructions here. If you have trouble, send us an email and we’ll do our best to help. The button is one of the ways people find us, and we are all about connecting people who need this community!

3 thoughts on “Meet-n-Greet: something old and something new

  1. Hey! I just added the button to my blog. I may be the latest early adopter ever. I did it on Typepad, and there were no instructions, so I’ll update the “get our button” link with those.

    Woot! Now to go add that to my list, so I can cross it off.


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