Transitions, transitions . . . .

I’ve been pretty busy with my congregation’s own merge-or-close-or-learn-to-do-21st century-ministry questions, but it’s always good to see the discussion engaged elsewhere, as with Jan’s question in achurchforstarvingartists about management versus leadership.

If you are following Diane’s Faith in Community move from one congregation to another, from one state to another, from one life to another, she is now Between. I am beginning to think that as pastors we are always Between!

Another transition – Stephanie of For Some Reason was anticipating her her sabbatical a couple of weeks ago ~ it must be launched by now!

Take a look at Kim’s June 3 post Space Walk in Sandpiper’s Thoughts – astronauts, John Wesley, and the rest of us. Now there’s a transition ~ into orbit! I love this topic as a future sermon analogy.

And a final transition . . . in The Blue Room, Mary Ann writes about her re-boot in her blog and her life. I got to meet her for about two seconds at the Festival of Homiletics, and it’s a delight to read about her new possibilities and goals.

What are you moving away from and into this summer?

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