2015-05-09 12.52.41Holy God, Creator of all that is, remind us of your presence in all times and places. There are the dark and empty times when we are convinced you are no where to be found. Yet, you are the one who brought forth life and light when all the world was dark. Your forgiveness extends to us for those times when we get it wrong, when we run late, when we hurt some, when we simply are not prepared. Remind us, that you have been doing this drawing forth, this igniting of sacred fire ever since before the world began. You will not leave us in despair and want for us a future filled with hope.

God of stillness and chaos, as we begin a new week, there is much to do. There are meetings to attend, people to visit, newsletters to write, before we can even think of next week’s sermon. Touch our hearts so we do not forget what all this busyness is about. We seek to serve you, to bring the light of your love into the world. Grant us the grace we need to face the chaotic moments and the courage to step away and find the still moments.

God of tears and laughter, be with us today. Be with us as we sit with those whose tears flow and our own join in. Be with us as we wrestle with who you are and who you call us to be. Then let us see your face not only in the tearful but also in the joyful. In the busyness of our day, lead us to places of laughter and joy. There is much work to do yet none of us works alone. Let us revel in the joy of being your servants.

May we be agents of love and mercy as we seek to serve you this day.


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