What is our greatest loss? What is the greatest disappointment in our life? What has turned out totally different from what we had hoped? Do we believe that God can take not only our gifts but our losses as well and use the whole package for the furthering of the realm of Love?

K. Killian Noe
Source: Finding Our Way Home: Addictions and Divine Love
(courtesy of InwardOutward.org)
Good morning, Friend,

I pray to see your transforming grace and love

even in the stinkiest and unfairest

most disappointing


and how can I do that?

By being attentional.

Attentional: the act or faculty of attending, especially by directing the mind to an object.

Mindfulness, mindfulness.

Oh, and my word for today?


Thanks for that. (Really. Yeah.)



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Prayer

  1. I do believe The God I love and serve can take both be good and bad, pretty and ugly, our gifts and losses and any other various ways we might like to define life and use them to further such an unconditional love and grace that can only come from an almighty God. In fact some of those loses have been the greatest opportunity to share Gods love- at least for me. Thank you for your words take and in you “humility” may you be touched by Gods amazing love!


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