God of Abraham and Sarah,

You saw fit to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for inhospitality.

Those who could fled with the taste of ashes in their mouths.

One dared to look back, thinking of what had been known and loved-

Still holding to beauty and dreams, even though they were anathema to you.


Inhospitality reigns.

Nine bodies, earthly shapes with heavenly hopes, were felled amid their prayers.

Their blood pouring out where they had received that of your Son so often.

Violated. Assassinated.


Where is that ash cloud now? Where is the fire and brimstone?

Where is the scorched earth policy that would reduce to dust the symbols of division-

The Confederate flag, the memories of a false “better time”, the subconscious hierarchy?

Are these deaths not equivalent to the attempted rape of angelic visitors?

Were these children any less worthy, less beloved, less the work of your hands?


I have long argued for continuity in your narrative, God.

That your actions in Israel’s rise are still in character as revealed through the Incarnate Word.

Yet, where is that continuity now?

Will you truly allow your saints to cry out, “How long, O Lord?”

Will you truly allow your brown and black skinned children to fall as

Their white siblings watch helpless, at best, and murderous, at worst?


Where is your famous justice? When will the damn arc bend?

I dare to ask knowing that the smiting may well include me.

So be it.


I have tried to be an instrument of your peace, your forgiveness, your will.

I hesitate to take up the vengeance that is not mine to own.

And yet,.. and yet…


I do not look back, like Lot’s wife, with longing toward anything.

There is nothing to desire behind us- nothing but inequity, lies, and pain.

The only way forward is with eyes ahead…

With voices that cry out truth with a fiery fierceness.


Every fallen brother diminishes our story.

Every slain sister kills the Spirit of hope.

I will not stop saying their names.

I will not stop naming the inhospitality of racism, of terrorism, of hate, of inequity, of lies.

Am I with you, O God? Or did you stop to look back?





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