Among many other reasons, I am deeply grateful to the RevGalBlogPals community for the ecumenical relationships that are here and that continue my introduction to the beautiful diversity of the Body of Christ. As one born & raised in a Protestant tradition sans saints, it is because of sisters around this blogging ring that I am at all aware of today’s Feast of St. Mary Magdalene and of the celebration of her witness & ministry to the apostles: “I have seen the Lord” (John 20:18).

And so on this particular feast day, especially for my RGBP sisters in ministry who like Mary Magdalene are bold in witness and faithful in leadership, this Wednesday Festival offers snippets of blessing inspired by posts around the blogring:

+ + +
may your feet be washed when you are weary
(She Washed My Feet, Wil Gafney)

+ + +
may Jesus stand by you even as you stand by & wait for Jesus
(Festival of Mary Magdalene, Seeker)

+ + +
may you welcome & be welcomed not as an outsider
(Human Being, Faith in Community)

+ + +
may you have space to imagine God’s faith in you
(It’s Crowded: Locking Myself in My Room, First Day Walking)

+ + +
may you have love for the wandering
(Toddling, writing as (j)oe)

+ + +
may you shine as God’s sunlight
(Shine, crustybread)

Have a blogpost to share today or a blessing to add to the list? Add your comment below! As an added bonus: In celebration of ten years of ministry and community for RevGalBlogPals, the first commenter on this post will receive a copy of our book, “There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments, and the Healing Power of Humor” (Skylight Paths Publishing). All commenters are eligible with the exception of contributors to the book and members of the RevGals board.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: Blessing Mary Magdalene

  1. I went to a Greek Orthodox church this past Sunday and was delighted to see them honor Mary Magdalene in this way! Left knowing I had been in deep worship and communion with God and community–and that this saint is being well-honored.

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