There are those who say it is impossible to accept the presence of Love you created in some couples.

There are some who find fault with each black and brown victim and cry “History” as they wave propaganda.

There are some who believe possession of a vagina, femininity, or the name woman are second-class at best.

There are those who believe more guns are better and that the way of the world cannot be turned.

There are those who refuse to see the rising tide, literally, and understand that change is in their hands.

With you, all things are possible.

With you, these things are not inevitable.

With you, these stones of “reality” crumble under the truth of grace and mercy.

We cry out for your justice, Lord, with Deborah, Hannah, Michal, Mary, and Magdalene.

We call out for your action, Lord, with Sandra, Kindra, Eric, Tamir, and Freddie.

We call out for the possible to become the now, Lord, with Francis 1, Harper, Bree, and Nelson.

We cry out of, from the depths of our being, for your swift and righteous action- knowing that we will be caught up in the threshing- yet we cannot bear the pain of your creation any longer.

Our hearts ache for all that is possible in you.

May it be so.


One thought on “Friday Prayer: Bedrock Truth

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