Six days of blogs from this group is a LOT of reading! I didn’t find any particular theme that popped out at me this week, but the posts below particularly grabbed my attention, and so these are what I have chosen to share with you this week. Some were brand new thoughts and ideas, and some lined right up with things I’ve been trying to figure out. I hope they speak of new things, in new ways, to you as well!

  1. Kristin considers how we can practice reconciliation through de-escalation
  2. It’s too hot. Beth offers a prayer for those who cannot escape the heat.
  3. Owning it. Jan points out how we Americans like to own stuff, and where that leads.
  4. Wil found that Spike’s Tut was a not-so-shabby miniseries.
  5. Being gentle with ourselves. Madre Doyle shares thoughts on regret and gentleness.
  6. Crimson and an oversupply of radicchio – what to do?
  7.  Katy considers all the ways church life is crazy risky. Indeed…
  8. Kelly got a tattoo for her birthday – and why she decided to do so. (I’m planning the same, so she has strengthened my resolve!)
  9. MaryAnn shares some great ideas for working well through each day, based on her experience over the past few months as she has transitioned to working from home.
  10. Tripp reflects on his experience working at Wild Goose Festival. I was there too, for the first time; it was life changing (even if the tattoo artists didn’t come as I’d planned for my own birthday tattoo that week)
  11. Bicycling Chicago Suburbs. My suburb is less challenging than Chicago, so this inspired me to get my bike back out. *


In celebration of ten years of ministry and community for RevGalBlogPals, the first commenter on this post will receive a copy of our book, “There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments, and the Healing Power of Humor” (Skylight Paths Publishing). All commenters are eligible with the exception of contributors to the book and members of the RevGals board.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival – A Variety of Attention Grabbers

  1. As someone who’s supposed to be studying at home half time (yeah… right…) I have become a world-class procrastinator. So I particularly love MaryAnn’s title ! Thank-you so much for some great reading (and fab procrastination material). And with that… back to my essay…. May have to reward myself once its done with the mini series recommended by Wil (I’m a sucker for historical costume dramas – especially if I get to do a running commentary on inaccuracies to my long suffering family…)


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