Oh my goodness, God.

Things are revving up for the end of summer back to school stuff here,

and my plate looks like I have been loading it up at a buffet of to-do lists.

I am not a “good” busy person, I know this.  I get overwhelmed and unorganized.

So I pray that I might be grace-full to myself,

step by step.

Remind me that every thing on that plate deserves mindfulness and care, love and attention.

Nothing needs to be rushed through.

I pray for focus.

And while I am focused, I am reminded of  your dear world that You love so much.  I offer prayers for all that and those who are suffering, who are sick, who are neglected, who are lonely and frightened and scared and terrorized.  Lord in your mercy….(breathing in and out a few times)

I am grateful for your centering.


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