The time of singing has come…

Because we are here, sweet God,

in your place and space

gathered with your people.

We sing,

We give thanks,

We rejoice.

But indeed, we know,

that also in this space

we meet all of ourselves before you,

knowing we must watch closely,

and not forget your grace.

Give us the words to share your grace, your truth, with the children,

all of our children.

The time of singing has come.

We know, sweet God,

that it is your generosity,

your perfect gifts,

are from, above,  watching and caring for us.

The time of singing has come…

and we pray that you would

remind us and move us,

to be quick to listen,

listen deeply.

Help us to hold our words,

so we hear your Word.

Hold our anger,

give us patience.

Remind us to do your word,

to care for those and that in distress:

the lost, the lonely, the grieving, the sick…

our earth home, and all of her creatures, sentient and non-sentient.

We pray for the least of these, and the most of those  who have no clue that their power hurts the frailest and most vulnerable.

Give us the courage to speak,the faith to love.

The time of singing has come….

In the name of Jesus our brother, we pray,


4 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer: Proper 17B/Ordinary 22B/Pentecost 14

  1. Karla, what a blessing! We are doing an “All Music” service tomorrow, and I was struggling with what to do in the prayer time. in all your struggles through the week, you have tonight ministered to a stranger who will use your words to minister to more folks in the morning. Thank you!


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