fall nankin 2

It’s unofficially fall – my favorite season! I have never moved beyond the sense of crisp new beginnings instilled by the start of the school year and New England’s autumn colors (although my photograph is from right here in Ohio). So what new beginnings might be found around the blog ring these days?

Nik has begun a series focusing on The Lord’s Prayer in the parish. I happened to read her stunning prayer in a pilgrim’s process right after my pastors’ lectionary group had been discussing opening addresses for God which might expand our understanding of the Divine One beyond “Father” language. I think that you, too, might love Nik’s Spirit-inspired words.

Amy is pondering new opportunities to live with intention. In Diary of a Contemplative, she considers the past eight years of pushing herself and the opportunity newly opened to her to pause, re-assess her priorities, and “live abundantly.” Although the details of our lives are quite different from one another’s, her timing and her ideas speak deeply to me this month. I am hoping that in December I will be where she is now.

Martha writes about the experience of sending her daughter off for a year’s study in Japan in Go and Come Back. It’s always so exciting to see our young ones dive into their dreams, and so bittersweet to know that their paths diverge at this point from ours. New beginnings for both children and their parents.

Now, here’s a real fall post: Fandom and Faith, as pondered by Jeff of Coffeehouse Contemplative. I will be the first to admit that I have never been able to drum up any genuine interest in team sports except for when my own children were participants, but he makes an intriguing case for parallels between approaches to sports and approaches to lives of faith.

And finally: This post has from Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par has nothing whatever to do with fall and new beginnings ~ well, maybe it does, considering that Rosa and her husband left city parish life for rural Alabama awhile back and had these ideas about a small sort of farming (going well at the moment) and raising chickens (which has not been without tragedy). But mostly, you want to read Uh-Oh about the chickens (?) just because it’s hilarious.

Please add to the comments any posts about new beginnings (or roosters) that you’d like us to read!

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