Mellon's Bay, Auckland. Photo author's own, her local dog-walking beach.
If you are wondering where this is… It’s Mellon’s Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo author’s own, her local dog-walking beach).

There were 191 blog posts published in the RevGals Blog Ring in the last week.  There are all kinds of good things to read.  This week’s Festival points you towards some of the diversity of writing in the ring.

If you are wondering about who the RevGals Director, Martha Spong’s, hero is or what her favourite songs are, there’s a lovely interview on the Spiritual Book Club blog.   

If you are wondering what it is like to parent a young adult whose life is impacted by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Cindy is writing about the beauty and the heartache of being Kenny’s mom.  

If you are wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing, or what the church is really for, Diane shares a story that helped remind her.  

If you are wondering what happens when a pastor takes a politician to lunch after an on-line disagreement, Marci tells the story of her recent encounter.  

If you are wondering what the “one thing” Martha needs to keep sight of in the story of her encounter with Jesus, Michelle writes a very lovely column with helpful examen questions to conclude.  

And a final note.  Many of you will know Stacey Simpson Duke, a long-time RevGals blogger, former Board member, and friend and colleague to many of us.  Her Mom died two weeks ago.  She writes about it here.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: If you are wondering…

  1. Jemma, thank you for including my post about my grief. I’m looking forward to reading the other posts you’ve highlighted as well. (And I love your gorgeous picture of Mellon’s Bay!)


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