Grannie and Ellie Selfie!

This is my very first Friday Five!

Well, actually, that’s not entirely true, I did a guest spot a couple years ago. But, I’m going to be the new third Friday Gal for the next wee while.
So, I thought we could talk about some firsts this Friday. I have just returned from my annual holiday, and this year’s was very much family oriented. My beloved’s older son lives in Boston, my middle son lives in North Vancouver (between us we have 7 grown up children) so we travelled all the way from Scotland to visit with them, and each was a first time visit. While in Boston we spent some quality time with our granddaughter… Our first!

Play here in the comments, or on your blog, five of your firsts, here are some ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to post a link when you play!

Here is the link to my blog for this Friday… Friday Five Firsts

1. Can you remember the first time you travelled a long way to meet someone special?
2. Share a memory of a first visit to a new country, state or place that was unexpected or unusual.
3. What is the first thing you do on waking each day? Is it always the same?
4. Have you met up with other RevGals? Maybe at an event?
5. Is this your first Friday Five? If not, can you remember the first time you played?

17 thoughts on “Friday Five – first things edition

    1. Christina thanks for sharing your firsts… Birth days, big trips new experiences.
      I too have met Kelly Moore! We met up on our first cruise this year!

      I love that Roosvelt quote – so true


  1. Friday Play Devotions:
    Sitting here in a “Bam-Bam” Flintstone costume, feeling kinda ridiculous, but the boys will be 3 year old dinosaurs, the Pebbles Flintstone costume was way too-too–TOO– well, not me–or nearly functional enough, if you get my meaning– and pink (ugh)– so “Bam-Bam” it is, with wig and squeaky club– God help us, my folks will be Wilma and Fred (masks, only, LOL!)
    Anyway–the costumes arrived from Amazon, just another crazy Sabbath day in the Treehouse, here:
    1. Travel: When I was 17, I traveled a long way to meet my new host family in Sweden, as I served as an exchange student for a year.
    2. First and only visit to a country: Israel… and it was like a dream come true. It was unexpected because I had only dreamed of this– never thought it would be within the realm of possibility. I traveled with my husband as part of a larger group.
    3. Yes, upon waking, I make coffee and then turn on the lights (to make it cozy), climb the stairs to the children’s room and wish them good morning. I always open the blinds first thing and let light in. But the very very first thing is to pray to God to help me to get thru the day and to be a good mom.
    4. Yes– Deb, Glennyce, Linda and I meet once a month (D.C./Baltimore area Rev. Gals) and have been doing so for about a year. It is wonderful– and we laugh and listen and support each other.
    5. Not the 1st, but I have only participated for about a year. I make this part of my Sabbath play– intentionally.


    1. I should probably clarify that these costumes are for Halloween; our family is going to be dressed like the Flintstone family– a cartoon family that was on t.v. when I was a child. Last year, I waited much too long before figuring out costumes and selection (and my creativity) was limited, so this year, I am hoping to have it together– since this will probably be the first year for trick or treat and All Saints Day rolls ’round too quickly.

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    2. I love the Flintstones costumes!
      Thanks for playing! I could have written about Israel too… I’ve been a few times and it has a profound effect every time


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