God of life,

It seems we don’t actually care.

Or maybe we do, but about the wrong thing…

Our idols are false security, false freedom, defense against false enemies…

We do not actually value life- real, live human beings-

Like college students or moviegoers or first graders…

If we did, we would shout down the lies of the false prophets

Whose religion is composed of cold steel and hot fear.

And, now, we are full of sighs. Regret. Lament. Frustration. Resignation.

The worst words of human history…

spoken on a darkening road between Emmaus and Jerusalem:

“We had hoped…

We do not dare to hope because nothing has changed.

The idols will not die.

The rhetoric is enshrined, rather than entombed.

The fear is crowned with glory, not irony.

And resurrection- a society that values all- never seems to come.

I don’t know what I am praying for any more.

Something different, anything different.

The words are the same, the days are the same, the tears are the same, the funerals will be the same.

I had hoped…

We had hoped…

And ten more lay dead.

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