October prayer
It’s a Monday morning in October
The colours of autumn fall all around us
Gold and red and russet
Bronze and yellow and burnt umber…
Oh how glorious are the colours of creation!

It’s a Monday morning in October
The colours of the world fall all around us
Blood red; smoke grey; envy green; fear yellow …
Oh, how these colours touch us too…
Not with glory, but with despair

We are the witnesses to glory and despair
We are the voices to sing out, to speak up, to look down in sorrow
We are the hands, to offer comfort, to share bread and wine
To re-member; to put back together
This broken world
Sharing the broken body
Sipping the spilled blood of God
God is with us
In glory and despair
In hope and in desolation
God knows
We know
And we share it all

Oh God of World Communion; and broken bodies; and spilled blood; and dashed hopes; and glorious colours, be with us – whatever, wherever, whenever
Today and always

Perthshire, October 2013 Julie Woods

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