Holy One of Justice and Compassion,
We come before you today,
hearing your Word within the words and world around us.

Credits: NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio
Credits: NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Your world is groaning, crying out in forsakenness.
Bombings killing hundreds,
Shootings terrorizing students and teachers and families and friends.
Unbridled storms letting lose the flood waters, destroying communities,
Chronic illness, untreated dis-eases shrivel the lives too many.
Our earth mother is weeping in the pain of her changing climate.
Your world is groaning, trouble is near,
Her heart, melting, waxen, forsaken.
O God, our God, have mercy.

And yet we struggle to answer your world’s cries
with strength and courage.
We count all the ways in which we keep your commandments,
congratulate ourselves on being good, and even faithful.
We seek your life affirming kin-dom,
We ask for eternity.

And you ask even more than we can imagine.
You love us.
You love us so much to challenge us to
Be more faithful,
Be more humble,
Be more generous.
You love us so much that you dare to afflict us beyond what is even reasonable,
to give until it is painful,
to offer up our lives and our abundance
in ways that don’t make sense to those around us,
but will offer
healing and hope
and Presence
in the dry desolation of an aching world.

Help us know you look upon us with Love.
And because of that Love,
we can strip ourselves of all that holds us back,
from being among the last,
for the sake of your kin-dom.


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer: Your world is groaning

  1. I couldn’t sleep …. so got up to do a couple of quick things. Came across this ..
    Thanks so much … we groan, we cry, we plead. The Spirit moves within us, the world, the hurt and the pain. Let her move our hearts.


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